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A beautiful and efficient home has a spectacular facade, attractive lawn, and a hard and reliable driveway with sufficient ground protection. Reinforce your lawn, patio, pathway, and parking space with our high quality stabilizing gravel gridThe gravel surface is highly efficient and facilitates comfortable walking, cycling, and parking of light or heavy vehicles. Drive the car or motorbike on the perfect and stable gravel reinforcement that assures reliable stabilization and effective performance at highly affordable market prices.

Across the world, Gravel has always been a traditional reinforcement material for road, pathways, and gardens. When combined with recycled plastic grids, gravel provides ultimate protection and longevity to your car parks, driveways, and lawns. The surface is reinforced with sturdy and tough gravel to stabilize the whole area and offer a smooth and bump free driveway for a cycle, car or motorbike. Our high quality stabilization grids are not only environment friendly, but they also offer an ideal solution for different types of pedestrian and vehicular applications. They provide the most reliable and hard grids for commercial, local council, and residential properties. The high load bearing gravel is not only porous, but it also offers long lasting service with minimal to nil maintenance overheads.

They offer a range of high quality reinforcement and stabilization products of different sizes and shapes to suit the customer’s specific requirements. Our best selling range of gravel grid products have 100% customer satisfaction and an enviable reputation in offering reliable stability and protection for drivers. The reinforcement grids have been developed after comprehensive research and testing. Constant improvements are made to the panels to improve their sturdiness, drainage, and performance irrespective of the paving location and size. Our competitively priced gravel panels are highly suitable for pathways and pedestrian use. Larger grids manufactured using robust material offer the best solutions for larger commercial projects or residential houses. The eco-friendly grids also have the strength and hardness to withstand different and difficult weather conditions over longer periods of time.

Customize your panel installation depending upon location, path size, garden requirements, and vehicle traffic.  Concrete and gravel surfaces have to satisfy anti-pollution and environmental standards as per law. Our gravel pavements, garden pathways, and parking surfaces are 100% compliant with SUDS and BREEAM guidelines. In addition, the fully permeable surface structures are installed with care and diligence to reduce the risk of damage. The maintenance needs and costs are also minimised due to the prevention of rutting, migration, or sinking of the gravel. Our residential driveway surfaces are specially designed to be comfortable and convenient for both parking and riding. Those who prefer custom gravel solutions for surface stabilization and reinforcement can opt for high quality deeper panels that are carefully designed and built to specification.

Gravel installations have many benefits including decorativeness, free drainage, and natural load bearing ability. Create a beautiful and versatile gravel pathway or driveway for your garden or garage using our contemporary or traditional products. Choose from a wide variety of gravel sizes, colours, and textures, and ensure a superb surface material for your car or motorbike drive. Our gravel grid is porous, weed free, frost resistant, durable and ensures a robust surface for gardens, car parks, driveways, and pathways.

For inquiries and product information, Call our help desk during the office hours. Or feel free to email our sales desk for latest details on our gravel products and prices.

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