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Quality outdoor furniture brings an important functional and comfortable aspect to your outdoor living spaces. Spacious, easy-to-use, comfortable chairs can transform your simple outdoor patio into a rich dining destination. Outfitting your old or new porch with cosy rocking chairs and ample cushions can quickly turn your outdoor area into a second patio during the warmer months.

Don’t overlook outdoor opportunities such as fresh-breeze balconies and small pocket gardens in your outdoor areas either. Any space can be complemented with the correct outdoor furniture and petite gardens will beckon your guests time and time again.

If you are considering outdoor furniture in Melbourne for your space, check out these thoughtful tips on choosing the right patio furniture for you.

  • Make a List: First, you want to consider how your outdoor area will function and serve your family as well as guests. Are you striving for a gracious dining area for entertaining? Or would you like a close-knit family fireplace for warm summer nights? Make a list of all of the things that you want to do with your outdoor space and use it as a guide to determine the best patio furniture for you.
  • Take a Seat: Test before you buy. Comfortable outdoor furniture, just like interior furniture, will be used regularly. Comfort is just as important as the look that it gives your outdoor space.
  • Think About Storage: Storing your outdoor furniture in a protected location during its off-season can add years to your furniture’s life. Even the most durable of furniture sets will last much longer if you place it in storage when you’re not using it. Consider outdoor furniture that folds easily or can be taken apart.
  • Consider Easy Care: Your outdoor furniture should be lower maintenance than your furniture indoors. Save your garden-side space for enjoying the outdoors as opposed to furniture maintenance. Opt for furniture pieces that advertise all-weather durability and are not fazed by some of nature’s toughest elements.
  • Spring for Quality: Not all outdoor furniture is created equal. Plastic chairs and tables may look favourable on the shelf but easily fade in the sun and become brittle over the years. Shop with care and take the time to check consumer reviews and reports before making a serious purchase.
  • Check Out Dual-Purpose Pieces: Find furniture that will work for you by searching for more than one unique function. An ottoman that can also be used for extra seating during your next backyard get-together is essential for outdoor areas that are frequently used.
  • Look Out Below: A well-matched, all-weather rug can complement outdoor furniture. Recent textile advancements mean that quick-drying rugs that are made for the outdoors are a new standard in patio décor. Search for pieces that work well with your patio style by adding some underfoot comfort.
  • Colour Choices: When it comes to outdoor furniture, you’re not limited to varying tones of wood or metal pieces. Colour finishes are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world of patio furniture.

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