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From Wimbledon’s famed grassy grounds to the French Open’s clay courts, the many venues that have hosted the US Open to Australia’s own entry into the sport’s Grand Slam, tennis is truly one of the great global games. It’s a game that perfectly blends speed and skin with leisure and luxury. It’s forged immortal rivalries, such as the legendary “Fire and Ice” matchups between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe. It’s forged enduring international friendships, such as that between the ever-inspirational Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova. It’s been a “court” for cultural change, such as Billie Jean King’s famed victory against Bobby Riggs for women’s equality. From Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras back then to Andy Murray and the Williams Sisters today, tennis is beloved, chic, and great exercise–

Making a tennis court is the perfect way to add some excitement and class to any home décor.

Quick Turnaround Times

True beauty can take time and effort. As such, you probably don’t want construction efforts lasting for weeks. That’s why Melbourne’s best tennis court resurfacers provide quick turnaround times on all projects. In tennis, hitting the ball outside the field of play is a penalty. Likewise, finishing a project outside the agreed-upon timeframe is simply not acceptable.

They understand the importance of meeting a deadline and can assure clients that court installation and resurfacing efforts will be completed on schedule.

Quality Resurfacing

One thing all great tennis courts have in common is the sheer quality of the court itself. A tennis court can be an absolutely stunning and impressive décor upgrade, as long as everything is up to snuff. You don’t want any unevenness or cracks spoiling the overall look of your court. What’s more, such defects can wreak havoc on your game. The best resurfacing teams in Melbourne remove any and all flaws that may be present in your court, leaving behind a pristine work of perfectly textured perfection.

The best resurfacing teams can create or perform maintenance on several different surfaces. Most notably, they can put in grass and acrylic surfaces, both of which have a distinct play and decorative virtues. Grass is known among tennis aficionados to result in a “faster” style of play, with weaker bounces and the ball moving faster along the neatly manicured surface. This type of surface also works well with upscale estates that emphasise the greenness and natural beauty of their decorating setup. By contrast, acrylic courts give stronger ball bounces. What’s more, while grassy tennis courts tend to create a more stately, idyllic scene, acrylic courts evoke a feistier, gym-like athletic atmosphere.

Make it a game, set, and match in favour of your home décor with the help of the best experts in tennis court resurfacing in Melbourne today.

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