December 18, 2020 Eliza Arcudia 0Comment

It’s freezing outside and you are praying for your home to be warmer and comfortable. Using a heater or other electrical appliances to do the same could be quite costly. Moreover, their ability to completely dry out the air results in the degradation of health as well.

However, not all solutions need to be complicated and expensive. To provide you a few options, we have listed down 8 effective ideas that you can implement to keep your home warm this Winter.

Make use of curtains

Ensure that you receive the most of the free sunlight by opening your curtains most of the time. At night, close the curtains which would act as an insulating medium between the room and cold winds.

Moreover, your curtains or window panes should not consist of any holes in it. to allow the minimum transfer of air and reduce condensation.

Use heat reflectors

Installing radiator panels will enable to radiate heat and sunlight which heat up your room and just the interior. Being cheap and easy to install would make it a great option for keeping your room warm.

Use shrink wrap on your windows

By applying a thin sheet of transparent plastic would help you to insulate your house in winter. Moreover, it is cost-friendly, easy to mount, and serves as a great mode of keeping your warm.

You may contact London Glaziers to set up or modify glass panels to lower heat transfer.

 Keep your unused rooms closed

Closing your doors establish another barricade between you and the frosty outside. It also reduces air circulation, preventing extra coldness.

 Add thick coats on the floor

By laying carpets, you would not enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, but also ensure optimal warmth in your home. They absorb heat and prevent it from losing through the floor.

Add candles and lanterns

Candles and lanterns can also be referred to as cost-friendly heaters. Lighting them up would help you to generate warmth. Carefully place them at the right spot and blow them off when not in use.

Move your sofa to the right place

Although you may feel comfortable by moving your sofa in front of a heater and enjoy its warmth, it might restrict the movement of heat waves across the room.

Similarly, keep off your curtains or clothes away from the radiator to further reduce heat circulation.

Incorporate ‘green’

Place a few green plants and enhance humidity which in turn would lead to producing more warmth. Moreover, go the greenway and improve the quality of the air.

Rubber plants and spider plants could be great options for generating heat in the interiors. 

To conclude, these simple yet effective tips could really help to pass off winter comfortably without worrying about high electricity bills.