3D Computer Graphic Allow You to Have 3D Images on Your PC

3d computer graphic is graphic which use three dimensional representation geometric data which is stored in computer to perform calculations and render 2D images. Some images may be stored to display in real time or view later. These computer graphics rely on same algorithms like 2D computer vector graphic in wire frame model. Actually, in the computer graphics software, 2D and 3D is sometimes blurred. The 3D might use the 2D rendering while 2D apps might use 3D techniques to get some effects like lighting.

3D Computer Graphic Creation

3D model is mathematical representation of three dimension object. Three dimension graphics creation is classified into three phases include:

  • Process of forming computer model of the object’s shape. This process is called as 3D modeling.
  • Layout and animation is the motion and placement for the objects in the scene
  • Computer calculation based on surface types, light placement, and other qualities to generate image. It is known as 3D rendering.

3D Computer Graphic Modeling Process

Modeling is the process to form the shape of the object. Two common sources for 3D models are engineer originate on computer with 3D modeling tools and the models that scanned to computer from a real object. 3d computer graphic now is more popular than 2D graphics.